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“M-Konstruktor” has extensive experience in supplying steel moulds for concrete to European and worldwide companies.
'New Jersey' steel moulds with heating and pneumatic vibration
The M-Konstruktor plant had manufactured its first moulds for New Jersey road barriers in 2017. Moulds were just base trim those days.
SV-164 (transmission line pole type) – colossus among gaints!
Poles of the overhead power transmission line can not be small. SV-95 is 9.5 meters long, and SV-110 is 11 meters.
SV-110 middle-heigh power transmission line pole type
We continue to write about SV poles for overhead power transmission lines of 0.4, 6, 10 kV.
SV-105 (power transmission line pole type) as a complete package
According to the statistics, the longest power lines in country are less then 35 kV of voltage. Most popular solution for overhead power transmission lines of 0.4, 6, 10 kV and illumination poles is SV-105.
SV-95 (type of power transmission line poles) – safe operation under voltage
The use of vibrating racks (SV) is the most common solution for overhead electricity, telephone or Internet lines.
The 14x3.5 meters moulding stand
This video is about the moulding stand of dimensions 14x3.5 meters. Our Gaint is equipped with double-circuit heating register, vibrator panels and adjustable side.
Stair flight with landing
Looking at this machine its functions not immediately noticeable. But with closer look it is clear that we see a vertical mould for the stair cases fabrication.
3D-videos: Battery moulds for fabricating wall slabs, no-voids floor slabs
We continue our series of 3D animation videos showing products by M-Konstruktor.
Video of operation of concrete pipe tipper
As we said earlier, the use of the tipper is driven by need for installing a concrete product in the working position.
Vertical gang-molding units - a new height of the M-Konstruktor Plant
In 2021, the plant opened a new page in its history: it successfully mastered the production of the most technologically advanced and metal-intensive equipment...
Steel mould over 44 m long
M-Konstruktor Plant has manufactured and supplied moulds for fabricating trapezoidal-section concrete piles 44.5 m long.
M-Konstruktor has produced a mould for fabricating concrete docks
A one more item to the new projects bank: we present steel moulds for fabricating concrete dock pits.
Operation of a concrete pipe turner in time-lapse
M-Konstruktor manufactures not only steel moulds but also additional equipment for reinforced concrete plants.
Meet our battery moulds for the production of fence slabs
What sets our plant apart from many others is the lack of flow in the equipment production.
3D-video. Vertical equipment for the production of ventilation units
A 3D review of the main equipment units and the subsequent production of ventilation units. 
Fence Panel Vertical Battery Moulds
If you go for action shots: the principle of operation of the fence panel vertical battery moulds in timelapse format.
A 3D view of the steel moulds for New Jersey traffic barrier blocks
We continue our series of 3D animation videos showing products by M-Konstruktor. And today we're going to tell you all about the moulds for New Jersey traffic barriers in detail.
Tilting tables for precast concrete by M-Konstruktor. Animation video
This video will show you tilting tables by M-Konstruktor. Turn the sound on.
Steel moulds for New Jersey traffic barriers by M-Konstruktor
New Jersey traffic barriers have long crossed the borders of the state where they were created and since then have been ensuring the security of highways across the world.
Tilting tables: the future of reinforced concrete products manufacturing
A few times a month, trucks loaded with versatile tilting tables leave the M-Konstruktor premises.
Multifunctional Lego Blocks
The video tells about Lego blocks, a popular trend in modern construction, as well as about the steel moulds for their production manufactured by M-Konstruktor.
Tilting tables in action at a precast concrete plant
We have visited the very heart of a precast concrete plant and have prepared a short video on the manufacturing process for wall three-layer reinforced concrete panels performed with the help of tilting tables by M-Konstruktor.
Versatile LEGO blocks
We continue creating videos in new formats. Today, we are going to tell you about our most popular steel moulds—the steel moulds for the production of Lego blocks.
En route from Russia to Poland: steel moulds for solid concrete trash containers
We continue our close cooperation with our Polish partners, for whom we produced the second batch of steel moulds for trash containers.
Steel moulds for the production of livestock cubicles for farms
Here goes a new format of videos! You have never seen anything like that before!
Steel moulds for the production of livestock cubicles for farms
The video shows the equipment designed for the moulding of non-standard concrete products that are used as flooring in cattle pens.
Magnet shuttering profiles: now on video
A short while ago, we introduced you to one specific type of a product that we manufacture—magnet shuttering profiles.
Solution for the moulding of non-tensioned reinforced concrete products
You’re a manufacturer of reinforced concrete products? Frequently need to transport formworks? Don’t want to buy a lot of different equipment?
Steel moulds with matrix arrangement for PAG-14 slabs
It’s been a while since we had a video release. Now is the time to deliver :) This steel mould is used to make PAG slabs originally designed for airfields.
Vertical equipment with heating registers and vibrators for the moulding of ventilation units
This equipment is designed for simultaneous moulding of four ventilation units.
Stationary casting bed
Simple reinforced concrete production technology, relatively low cost and easy operation—all these are advantages of working with a stationary casting bed.
Shipment of tilting tables
Here’s a short post—or, to be exact, a short photo story—describing the process of shipment of oversized equipment to our customers.
Vibrating moulds for steel-reinforced concrete panels
Producers of steel-reinforced concrete products often face the need to mould various types of products, each of which requires special equipment that we know costs a lot of money.
A set of hinged sides for the production of prestressed reinforced concrete support beams
We know how much you love our short videos. They get the most feedback from our subscribers.
Steel moulds for wall three-layer reinforced concrete panels
These panels are basically monolithic three-layer panels consisting of external, internal, and medium (insulating) layers.
Division plates and heat shields for battery moulds
A short video describing the processes of production and shipping of heat shields and division plates to our customer.
Steel moulds for stair flights with landings
Stair steel moulds are our top 10 most popular products.
Multifunctional tilting table: manufacturing and shipping process
Today we will show you the very heart of our plant and demonstrate you the tilting tables manufacturing process.
Steel moulds for inner wall slabs
These wall slabs are reinforced concrete slabs used for the construction of various buildings.
A set of hinged sides for the production of prestressed reinforced concrete support beams
Last autumn we posted a video where we showed you the process of production of abutments used for rebar/steel tendons tensioning.
From Russia to Europe: the shipment of welded Silo
Did you know that in addition to a wide range of steel moulds, M-Konstruktor produces welded and bolted silos for storage cement?
A house in one day
A job keeping with the spirit of our age and the modern trends in stand-alone house construction in Europe, this is the kind of job we performed for our partners in Poland: a mould for the lower part of a tunnel house.
Microtunneling pipe steel moulds produced by the M-Konstruktor
Microtunneling technology is a trenchless method of laying pipelines and communications in conditions of dense development or passage of highways.
More about slotted floors
In our publications, we have repeatedly told you about such a product as a slotted floor. It is a concrete grating, which is widely used in agricultural.
Russian-made lego block moulds
The products of the M-Konstruktor manufacturer hold their own against those of foreign origin in terms of workmanship and service life, and superior in terms of price and supply logistics.
Steel moulds for hollowcore concrete slab
Concrete hollow core slabs is one of the most common and sought-after types of concrete products.
Parabolical concrete cunette moulds
In our short video we will talk you about steel moulds for water parabolic chutes, widely used for agricultural and pasture water supply.
Steel moulds for rectangular road slabs 2P30.18 are ready and sent to the customer
Reinforced concrete slabs of this type are used for the construction of temporary and permanent road surfaces coating.
The concrete block clamp
We present to you another short video: this time we tested block clamp for concrete blocks.
Slotted Floor Steel Moulds: New Production Technologies
Slotted floors are widely used in agriculture. It is used to equip livestock and mushroom farms.
M-Konstruktor continues to expand machinery park
M-Konstruktor continues to expand machinery park using to the best machine in mechanically processing.
Steel mould for decorative street washbasins by M-Konstruktor
New model of steel moulds for concrete products by the M-Konstruktor Plant.
The transportation of a tilting tables for precast concrete "M-Konstruktor"
Cross-functional tilting tables for the production of precast concrete products are sent to the customer!
The tilting table for precast concrete by plant M-Konstruktor
Testing of the tilting table, manufacturing by M-Konstruktor Plant.
Manufacturing of tetrapod T-3 in steel mould "M-Konstruktor"
The production process of concrete tetrapod T-3 in the steel mould manufactured by "M-Konstruktor": pouring, demoulding, finished product.
Shipment of tetrapods "M-Konstruktor" in container to the Kuriles
The Company "M-Konstruktor" has set a new record of the range of delivery of its products - container with a steel moulds for the production of tetrapods T-5 will pass more than 10,000 kilometers - to the Kuril Islands.
Demoulding of steel mould for retaining walls "M-Konstruktor"
Video of the demolding of steel moulds for retaining walls from our customer.
Concrete electric pole moulds
“M-Konstruktor” produces concrete electric pole moulds of varied lengths and configurations. Square structure types can be produced in concrete electric pole moulds. It is also possible to produce attached pieces, so called attached or retaining structures.
Steel moulds for retaining wall
Steel moulds for concrete. Plant M-Konstruktor
Big way starts with a small step.
Our journey has started twenty-two years ago.
We built workshops, warehouses and thus our plant stared to operate.
Jet blast deflector
Jet blast deflector fence (shield, JBD) is a safety device that redirects the air stream from a jet engine upward to prevent any injury or damage that can be caused to people, buildings, aircraft, trees and other objects in the immediate vicinity of the airport.
Microtunneling pipe steel moulds
M-Konstruktor presents a microtunneling concrete pipe installation. Our plant produces moulds of 600 – 2 000 millimeters in diameter.