'New Jersey' steel moulds with heating and pneumatic vibration

The M-Konstruktor plant had manufactured its first moulds for New Jersey road barriers in 2017. Moulds were just base trim those days. This video shows a complete package with some solutions implemented for the very first time. 
The vibration system for example. Instead of conventional electrical driven vibrators this mould is equipped with four pneumatic vibrators, two by each side. The pneumatic pipeline layout allows to control each of the vibrators independently.
Also for the first time the heating register was laid down into reinforcing ribs. The heating medium (water) is supplied and drained via the pipe sleeves. Our customer is intended to mould road barriers at site, so for better heat saving the heating register is covered with sandwich panels.
One more option is the reinforced platform at the base that is used for finished product extraction when demoulding. 
Other than that mould design is familiar and well-proven in many projects. We hope this video would be useful for you.
We would calculate your 'New Jersey' package cost upon the request to or by phone +7 (81153) 6-10-05.
2022 Steel moulds for “New Jersey” traffic barriers