A house in one day

A job keeping with the spirit of our age and the modern trends in stand-alone house construction in Europe, this is the kind of job we performed for our partners in Poland: a mould for the lower part of a tunnel house.
Such houses are manufactured using precast technology: the house can have an unlimited floor space and be constructed with just two elements (lower and upper part of the U-shaped house), the number of supply packages is unlimited. A house of this type can be assembled in just one day, the rest is a matter of finishing.
For this job, M-Konstruktor developed and manufactured a modular steel mould. It’s designed to sustain over 1,000 production runs in a high-rate mode of operation.
In the future publications we will talk in more detail about the operation of this steel mould and share photos from the customer’s site.
*Contact us at to order a non-standard steel mould.