SV-95 (type of power transmission line poles) – safe operation under voltage

The use of vibrating racks (SV) is the most common solution for overhead electricity, telephone or Internet lines. Different applications (in voltage, heigh, suspension quantity and etc.) demands various tension supports manufactured in accordance with GOST regulations and hereby special steel moulds. One of them is SV-95, designed for simultaneous fabrication of six reinforced concrete racks for tensioned reinforcement.
The digit in name means the length of finished product, which is 9.5 meters. It is a trapezoid tapering to the top, that is why the cross-section have two indicators, bottom and top which are 240х165х150 mm and 165х165х150 mm accordingly. 8 vibrators (4 at each side) providing the uniformity of concrete setting and with the heating jacket you don't need the steaming chamber. Steel mould is installed on the vibration absorbing supports which reduce vibration impact to the floor. 
One of the main features is safety of stuff working with tensioned reinforcement. This safety is ensured by protective casing placed at the ends . Under this casing the racks for tensioned reinforcement are installed.  
Such durable structure is designed for a long life span and having a perfect geometry of the moulding surface so you do not need to finish racks fabricated with it.
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2022 Steel moulds for power transmission line poles (SV)