Vibrating moulds for steel-reinforced concrete panels

Producers of steel-reinforced concrete products often face the need to mould various types of products, each of which requires special equipment that we know costs a lot of money. Meanwhile, every company strives to reduce their costs and optimize their operation. This is why today we are going to talk about optimization.
Do you want to produce concrete product of various dimensions using just one mould, like our partners already do? Then please send your request to us at:
The item in the video is our stationary vibrating mould for the production of ornamental concrete panels, equipped with a shock-absorbing system and 3 vibrators. Dimensions of the concrete products cast in our mould: 2,000*6,000*150 mm. A set of magnet dividers will help you to readjust your mould in accordance with required panel dimensions: 2,000*3,000*150 mm; 2,000*2,000*150 mm, etc., depending on your needs. Hinged sides make the concrete product demoulding process much more convenient and easier.