A set of hinged sides for the production of prestressed reinforced concrete support beams

Last autumn we posted a video where we showed you the process of production of abutments used for rebar/steel tendons tensioning.*
Today we will tell you about hinged sides used for the production of reinforced concrete support beams. Together with abutments, they form a set of tools used for the production of prestressed concrete products.
We have already shipped 10 sets of such hinged sides to one of our customers. The length of each set is 12.5 m.
The hinged sides may form a single processing line, which allows you to cast several concrete products at the same time. The hinged sides may also be combined into a single structure, which can be used to manufacture products with a length of 24 or 36 rm.
When the hinged sides are used as a single processing line, reinforcing steel tendons are pulled through them with the help of abutments placed at a distance of 100 m from each other. The tendons are then tensioned with a hydraulic jack, which is followed by pouring of the concrete mix in the form. When the concrete gains the required strength, steel tendons’ tension is slowly loosened. After that, the concrete product is easily demoulded and sent out to the warehouse. 
Our customer has already installed 2 processing lines and started manufacturing prestressed concrete beams (each line includes 5 sets of hinged sides).
We will try to make a short video of the plant demonstrating the use of our hinged sided during the moulding process. Subscribe to be the first to watch it!
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