SV-105 (power transmission line pole type) as a complete package

According to the statistics, the longest power lines in country are less then 35 kV of voltage. Most popular solution for overhead power transmission lines of 0.4, 6, 10 kV and illumination poles is SV-105.
Six-slotted steel mould SV-105 is designed for manufacturing of reinforced concrete racks of 10.5 m length, 280x200x180 mm (HxW1xW2) bottom cross-section and 190x200x180 mm (HxW1xW2) top cross-section.
This steel mould is in complete package and equipped with vibration system and heat register. 10 vibrators (5 at each side) ensures better concrete mixture setting. The strength development of the product is accelerated by steam supplied form the heat register embedded into load bearing structure of the SV-105.
At the mould ends there are supports for reinforcement tensioning closed with protective casing.  This casing ensures personnel safety in case of breakage. Before concrete mixture filling, special guides fixed to base with locks and then blockouts are installed. The mould is installed onto vibration absorbers reducing vibration impact on the facility floor.
Such package of SV-105 mould is high performance, effective and convenient.
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2022 Steel moulds for power transmission line poles (SV)