A lugged, a cantilever, or a gusset beam?

Lifting and moving finished steel reinforced concrete products with the help of an overhead crane or a beam crane can often be dangerous due to the risk of slipping of a strap or a grab from the hook. This is why precast concrete products manufacturers use special lifting and load-gripping equipment: lifting beams.
M-Konstruktor manufactures not only a wide range of steel moulds but also lifting beams of various types, configurations, carrying capacity, and operational characteristics.
At the request of our committed partners, we made a lifting beam with an offset centre of gravity which helps take out and move an elevator shaft from the mould. Carrying capacity: 7 tonnes. A lug on the top of an H-shaped lifting beam facilitates its attachment to a lifting hook. The beam’s shape allows gripping of a load using four lifting points. This structure is the most solid and safe one.
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