Stair flight with landing

Looking at this machine its functions not immediately noticeable. But with closer look it is clear that we see a vertical mould for the stair cases fabrication. What is more, it has two slots and can make the stair with a landing.  
Stair flight with a landing mould have three parts: two moving panels and the central moulding section with steps. Mechanical drive of the moulding section is driven by wheels, simultaneously rotating at each side. This prevents imbalance interfering the mould opening.
The heating register with hot water is located in a rolling back sides (lengthwise). The outlet pipes have a "herringbone" type nipple for easy connection of heat medium hoses. Each side equipped with four vibrators located at special external panels.    
Before filling with concrete, screeds are installed along the length of the mold to ensure tight fit of the sides to the moulding surface. With correct operation, service life of the mold would be long.  
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2022 Stair steel moulds