Cement storage silos

The production of silos for cement and components to them is one of the activities of our enterprise.
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The production of silos for cement and components to them is one of the activities of our enterprise. Silos for cement are widely used in industrial construction for storage of concrete and other bulk materials. The installation of cement silos ensures the preservation of loose mixtures for a long period of time.
Our company offers the production of silos for cement of the following types:
  • segmented (bolted) silos for cement;
  • welded silos for cement;
And also optional equipment to them:
  • disk shutter (butterfly valve);
  • cement filter;
  • emergency valve;
  • sensors for cement level;
  • screw feeders;
  • other equipment.

Construction features of a collapsible (segmented) silos for cement

The structure of bolted silo for cement is designed to multiple assembly and disassembly activities. Equipment certain elements of the bolted silo with special fasteners allows, if necessary, to disassemble it easily and transport it to another place.
Segmented silo for cement differs from a welded with a wider silo bank with a diameter, which ensures better preservation of the dry concrete mixture and allows producing more capacious structures. If necessary, the bolted silo is additionally supplied with an internal ladder with a hatch and other necessary equipment.

Construction features of a welded silos for cement

Welded silo for cement is a complete, non-separable construction. This feature limits such silos for cement in terms of capacity and volume, especially when moving them.
The basic equipment for welded silos for cement is similar to the equipment of bolted (collapsible) silos. But it is also possible to use additional equipment: a control panel, a vibrator and more.
The produced silos for cement are issued with a Passport, which prescribes rules for the operation and maintenance of structures.
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