Steel moulds for concrete. Plant M-Konstruktor

Big way starts with a small step.
Our journey has started twenty-two years ago.
We built workshops, warehouses and thus our plant stared to operate.
Having great desire to perfection and self-development, vast experience in metalworking and wide knowledge in concrete urban development, we have deliberately chosen the direction of our development and have defined our future performance vector.
Today «M-Konstruktor» produces steel moulds for the entire range of reinforced concrete products.
The whole city infrastructure, airport passenger terminals, railway stations, port areas are constructed of reinforced concrete.
We live in flats whose concrete slabs are produced on «M-Konstruktor» equipment.
We drive on the roads equipped with concrete guardrails and curbs.
We implement the most ground-breaking engineering solutions, produce complicated units equipped with hydraulics and controllers.
We are eager to multiply experience and knowledge for the future development of the plant.
To provide the highest quality of steel products we have tooled up all our production lines with up-to-date welding, bending, pressure and cutting equipment and also we carry out the whole cycle of metalwork operations.
We are increasing capacity, continuously update and renew machinery equipment with advanced units from world's leading manufacturers.
To carry out a very big project in shortest time without any delays, we maintain a fifteen hundred tons irreducible warehouse residual portion of varied gauge metal. We put new workshops and warehouses into use.
Along with steel mould production we design and produce steel constructions for buildings, sheds, concrete electric poles, welded and flanged concrete bins.
We produce goods in accordance with Russian and international standards and provide defects liability period. We also carry out design and prepare all necessary construction documentation and deliver final products to your enterprise or construction site in any country of the European or Eurasian Economic Union.
The territory of the plant has already exceeded twenty-five thousand square meters.
Being open to new ideas and the ambition to adopt most advanced technologies of the industry sector has allowed us to successfully compete on a global scale. We are expanding partnership geography and push the boundaries.
«M-Konstruktor». We shape the metal accessibly for you!
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