En route from Russia to Poland: steel moulds for solid concrete trash containers

We continue our close cooperation with our Polish partners, for whom we produced the second batch of steel moulds for trash containers.
These moulds are designed for the manufacturing of solid concrete elements consisting of five walls.
To make demoulding easier (and demoulding of solid elements is always a challenge), the previous batch of moulds was equipped with hydraulic drives of volumetric core driver. This time, we equipped our moulds with manual inner core actuators. Actuating it allows the parts of the inner core to move with respect to one another, thereby reducing its cross-section. This allows the finished product to be removed from the mould without damage.
All four sides of the mould are hinged.
The casting bed bottom frame is a load-bearing structure which serves to accommodate hinged and inner sides as well as the manual actuator mechanism.
This product can be made from self-compacting concrete that consolidates under its own weight or concrete that consolidates with the help of pervibrators.
Smooth moulding surfaces and perfectly aligned corners of the elements will ensure the correct shape of the concrete product.
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2021 Steel moulds for concrete trash containers storage shed