SV-164 (transmission line pole type) – colossus among gaints!

Poles of the overhead power transmission line can not be small. SV-95 is 9.5 meters long, and SV-110 is 11 meters. But even here there is a record holder which is 16.4 meters long SV-164.
Unlike its smaller colleagues, steel mould for such poles fabrication is designed for less moulding slots - 4 or 2, s shown in a video. Moulding trays are arranged head to tail for optimal space design. The bottom of each tray is near the top of another and etc. This solution is obvious because of the difference between top and bottom cross-sections of trapezoid which are 380х390х370 mm and 200х210х190 mm (HxW1xW2) accordingly.
The mould is in complete package: 12 vibrators for uniform concrete setting (6 at each side), the heat register for fast strength gaining, vibration absorbers for floor mounting. Supports for reinforcement tensioning at the ends, protective casing for breakage protection, end cutters.
All these units are shown in a video, which we recommend you to watch. At the final part you will see finished product extraction.   
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2022 Steel moulds for power transmission line poles (SV)