M-Konstruktor has produced a mould for fabricating concrete docks

A one more item to the new projects bank: we present steel moulds for fabricating concrete dock pits.
Almost 80% of our products are unique. None else offers such articles! And it means that each such order is akin to a space flight. The only difference is that instead of discovering new "planets" and raising a flag M-Konstruktor logo conquers new casting yards.
The project, which we will talk about, was implemented on the basis of the customer's drawings and technical assignment that we have elaborated and modified.
The mould consists of a pan equipped with fixed end sides, ties and latches, which ensure fixed moulding position of the sides, as well as of six hinged sides, namely, two lateral sides, one rear side and three sides that are folded inside the steel mould.
The overall dimensions of the mould are 3,836 × 2,866 × 1,813 mm (L × W × H) and its weight is equal to 4 t. The dimensions of the finished concrete product are 2,480 × 3,400 × 1,500 mm (L × W × H).
When erecting cast concrete structures, one faces a crucial problem, i.e. installation of perfect moulding. Sheet steel moulds are the most suitable solution for producing high-quality, firm and robust structures to be erected.
To become better acquainted with the mould and to see demoulding process, watch the new video on our YouTube channel!
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