SV-110 middle-heigh power transmission line pole type

We continue to write about SV poles for overhead power transmission lines of 0.4, 6, 10 kV. Corrosion resistance, yield strength and seismic resistance ensures long service life making reinforced concrete poles more popular then other material choices.
Middle-heigh transmission line use poles of 11 meters manufactured with SV-110 steel moulds. Recall, the length is given in the grade of the mould. The finished products is a trapezoid tapering from the bottom up with a bottom cross section of 280х185х170 mm (HxW1xW2) and top cross section of 165х185х175 (HxW1xW2). The number of moulding slots is up to customer. There are six slots in this case.  
The uniformity of concrete mixture setting is ensured by 10 vibrators, 5 at each side. The steam heating register provides fast gaining of the stripping strength. The special vibration absorbers reduce the impact of vibration on the floor mounting points.
At the ends there are supports for the reinforcement tensioning with moving protective casing which ensures personnel safety in case of breakage. The blockouts installed before filling in the concrete mixture are fixed using special installtion guides. Each moulding slot is grounded according to the GOST requirements.  
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2022 Steel moulds for power transmission line poles (SV)