Video of operation of concrete pipe tipper

As we said earlier, the use of the tipper is driven by need for installing a concrete product in the working position. If you need to tip a pipe for subsequent transportation and installation, a tipper will be the best solution.
This order was fulfilled according to the custom technical assignment. The overall dimensions of the equipment are 9,530 × 5,260 × 3,380 mm (L × W × H) and its weight is 7 t.
The tipper can cope with an up to 10 t weight. The minimum pipe height is 1,400 mm and the maximum pipe height is 2,950 mm.
Tipping is performed by the angle of 180° at the intermediate step of 90°. One of the tipping carriages remains movable in horizontal position, which makes it possible to fit the tipper to the height of the concrete product being handled. The concrete product is securely fastened by special side limits.
The tipper is supplied with a hydraulic unit and a control rack, which is used to control the tipper. The working pressure in the hydraulic circuit shall be equal to 160 bar.
Before you begin watching the video, we shall tell you about the equipment operation procedure.
  1. Switch on power supply on the hydraulic unit panel.
  2. Install the pipe (ring) on the tipper catcher.
  3. Press the far right handle on the control rack to actuate the rotation of the catcher by the angle of 90°. If the size of the product differs from the maximum permissible height, press the middle handle on the control rack to move the pipe (ring) to the plates of the transfer device with a gap of 10–20 mm. Next, press the far left handle to rotate the transfer device with the weight by the angle of 90°.
  4. Upon the transfer device has moved until stop (rotation by the angle of 180° from the initial position), the pipe (ring) is removed from it.
  5. After the concrete product has been removed from the tipper, perform the above-described operations in the inverse order to return the tipper to its initial position.
Enjoy watching the video!
For all questions concerning the cost and configuration of the equipment, please contact plant managers. For this purpose, put an inquiry to e-mail or on the phone +7 (81153) 6-10-05.