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Steel moulds and concrete equipment are the key focus of our company. We offer production of steel moulds and equipment for building construction as well as for urban infrastructure space planning.

Steel moulds and concrete equipment, produced by our company, can have diverse modifications:

Steel moulds and equipment are produced in accordance with standard requirements for mould elements and installations and with approved specification documents. Steel mould and production lines can be implemented complied with customer’s design or our experts’ design based on your technical requirements.
The majority of our moulds are unique so the production price of the needed goods is individually calculated in accordance with your technical requirements. You can contact our specialists via the most convenient way to calculate the price for your project.

Moulds for road making

Moulds for road making have a wide range of use when outfitting speed high-ways, high-ways, takeoff and landing surfaces, industrial areas, temporary and permanent approach tracks.

Our business offers production of road making moulds, which will help you to produce reinforced concrete pavements of any type:

  • tram slab steel moulds;
  • paving and air field slab steel moulds with various configurations;
  • safety fences and road slide slopes steel moulds;
  • pavement units steel moulds;
  • road kerbs steel moulds;
  • cunette and channels steel moulds;
  • and many other moulds for road making.

Public housing and industrial engineering steel moulds.

Public housing and industrial engineering steel moulds are widely used when constructing residential high-rise buildings, cottages, low-rise buildings and other constructions. We offer production of steel moulds, which let you produce concrete goods for a variety of engineering task solutions:

  • tetrapod steel moulds;
  • power transmission tower steel moulds;
  • parabolical  concrete cunette moulds;
  • pile steel moulds;
  • foundation wall block steel moulds;
  • hollowcore concrete slab moulds of various sizes and types;
  • stair flights, leadings and stair steps steel moulds (SF, SL, SS, LSF);
  • connection elements, ventilation unit and other steel moulds for public housing and industrial engineering.

Urban infrastructure MEP systems.

Production of urban infrastructure MEP systems is also our company specialty. Such moulds for concrete goods are widely spread in microtunneling technology and when installing cabling in urban environment.

Our company offers production of the following steel moulds for urban infrastructure MEP systems:

  • utility vault and gulleys steel moulds of different configurations;
  • KC well rings, well slab cover (SC) and bottom (LN) steel moulds;
  • microtunneling pipe moulds (apparatus);
  • other steel moulds for precast concrete used in urban infrastructure MEP systems technical support.
Concrete equipment

Our company is ready to offer self-produced concrete equipment for concrete goods production in accordance with engineering standard. Purchasing this equipment will considerably broaden your business performance capabilities; increase production performance and make your work more thorough and comfortable.

You can get initial expert consultation to make a good call.

Our business offers the following concrete equipment:

  • battery mould for building panels production;
  • cross functional tilting tables;
  • stationary casting bed;
  • production line of hollowcore concrete slab;
  • lift shaft steel moulds;
  • vibrating tables and pattens;
  • magnetic skirtings;
  • other precast concrete production lines.

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