Parabolical concrete cunette moulds

Parabolical concrete cunette molds

The “M-Konstruktor” company will produce steel moulds for water parabolic chutes in accordance with GOST 21509-76 and the standard series 3.280-23 (issue 1).

Parabolic chutes are used for agricultural and pasture water supply. At us you can order steel moulds for both standard sizes of trays of 6 m long, and non-standard according to your wishes.

Moulds, if necessary, are equipped with steam jackets to speed up the process of recruitment of concrete stripping strength, as well as vibrators to compact the concrete mix.

The price of the moulds depends on the configuration of the product, the exact cost of the steel moulds for the manufacture of precast concrete water parabolic chutes must be known from the specialists of our sales department by e-mail or phone +7 (81153) 6-10-05.