Turners for casting beds

A turner is special equipment designed for horizontal moulding of concrete panels in steel moulds installed onto it and for the further tilting of the products. The change of the load’s position in space is due to the rotary mechanism and the hydraulic drive of the turner, which allows convenient and safe removal of reinforced concrete products from the mould.

Turners manufactured by M-Konstruktor comply with the Russian state standards GOST 25781-83, GOST 27204-87, GOST 25878-85.



A turner for casting beds consists of the following main assembly elements:

  • Part 1—Underframe. It is a bearing element of a turner. Steel moulds are installed onto it. An underframe is pivotally connected to the support beams and the hydraulic cylinder and rigidly (by welding) connected to the longitudinal side abutments.
  • Part 2—Support beams. Support beams are support elements of a turner. They are mounted onto a prepared level surface and then welded to insert plates. Support beams are pivotally connected to the hydraulic cylinder and to the welded underframe.
  • Part 3—Abutments on the lateral sides of steel moulds. These are restraining elements for the installed steel moulds.
  • Part 4—Telescopic cylinders. Single-acting hydraulic cylinders turn a turner to the set angle. The lowering of a turner occurs under its own weight.
  • Part 5—Safety chain. Prevents a turner from tipping over at an angle greater than the maximum possible one.
  • The delivery package also includes a control panel and two limit switches. The limit switches are built into the circuit as fuses. They limit the extreme lower and extreme upper positions of a turner and are triggered when the tilting angle of a turner is equal to 78º. A turners’s safety chain is designed for this angle.





PARAMETER NAME Value (nominal)
External dimensions of a turner mm, max:
length: 6600
width: 3350
height: 1050
Mounting area of a turner, mm:
length: 6600±5
width together with abutments on lateral sides of a steel mould: 2990±3
width without abutments: 2930±3
Abutment height, mm: 370±1
Max weight to be tilted, kg: 16000
Max tilting angle, degrees: 78
Height up to the operating surface of a turner, mm: 680
Operating pressure of hydraulic cylinders, Mpa (kgf/cm2): 16(160)
Weight, kg max: 3000


The procedures for working with a turner:


  1. Install a steel mould (with a finished concrete product that has gained its stripping strength) on a turner. Fix the mould with clamps
  2. Open the sides of the mould, fix them open
  3. Hydraulic cylinders will ‘open’ a turner
  4. Fix a turner in the extreme open position
  5. Remove the finished product from the steel mould and transfer it with the help of lifting equipment
  6. Remove the clamps, close the sides of the mould
  7. Open the solenoid valve. Lower a turner.
  8. Repeat the cycle



Cost of production and delivery

If you want to get information concerning the production cost of the moulds and its production time, please to contact our specialists by phone: +7 (81153) 6-10-05 or e-mail: info@m-konstruktor.ru.

Delivery is available throughout the territory of European Union and Eurasian Union countries and other countries. Shipment is available in different ways: by railroad, by heavy trucks, by sea.