Pile steel moulds

Concrete piles of square and trapezoidal sections

Piles of square and trapezoidal sections are used for the construction of residential and industrial footings, engineered structures, which are located on low-density or heaving soil, moving land. Piles are deepened into noncondensable layer, transferring the weight of the building onto them and guaranteeing the flooring stability.

Pile production complies with 19804-91 all-Union State Standard. The piles are produced in molds. Re-enforced frames are put into special steel moulds, after that concrete mixture is poured into the mold and tremblers consolidate the concrete. To reduce time for gaining stripping strength, the mold with the concrete mixture can be placed into a curing room. Moreover, a mold, which is equipped with a vapor jacket or any other thermal rail, can be heated by hot water or hot vapor.

“M-Konstruktor” pile mold specifications

Pile molds are the key elements of the production complex. “M-Konstruktor” molds notable for their robustness, operability and long-life service. Construction frame production complies with all-Union State Standard requirements. Piles, produced with “M-Konstruktor” molds, have exact sizes and have no fractures on the concrete surface.

“M-Konstruktor” steel moulds of rectangular section with 90° angles of plane can be produced in two-place molds. Optimum length of the mold is 12 meters. The mold can be produced as a complex structure when longer monolith piles are needed. In this case attaching a lengthening piece, which is fixed by a flanged seam, can extend the construction.

Pile sections can vary: 150*150, 200*200, 250*250, 300*300, 350*350, 400*400

Steel moulds of trapezoidal section will have a temporary incline. There is also a possibility of large-scale production because these molds are multi-placed and are not length restricted, this allows to build-up a production line up to 150 m long. Molding places are segments, put together by length and width, fixed by a flanged seam. The quantity of heads and length cutters is produced according to the employer’s requirements.