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Bolted (collapsible) silo for cement

Collapsible (segmented) silo for storage of cement is a composite structure, consisting of separate parts, equipped with their own technical fixing systems. Due to its collapsible construction, such silos allow multiple disassembly and assembly cycles; and, being disassembled, this construction does not take much space, which greatly facilitates its transportation and storage.

Collapsible (bolted) silos are most preferable from the point of view of the correct storage of cement. Due to the low pillar of the silo bank, the cement does not cake for a long time. In addition, bolted silos can be much larger in volume and capacity than welded silos. Therefore, it is more advantageous to place them in a limited area, as well as in large concrete plants.

Here you can order bolted silos with capacity from 33 to 140 tons and more (up to 1000 tons). Below is a description of the standard configuration of silos.

Technical specifications

The standard configuration for the segmented silo for cement produced by “M-Konstruktor” includes:

  • silo bank with a cone;
  • flange for fastening the disk shutter;
  • support frame;
  • overhead guard;
  • external and internal ladders;
  • cement injection pipe with BRS fitting;
  • passport for silo.
To operate the silo, it is also necessary to have additional equipment such as: disk shutter, emergency pressure-relief valve, cement filter, silo cleaning system (vibrators for improve material discharges), detector min/max. If necessary, the silo is completed with aeration system and screw conveyer of uninterrupted cement handling.


Developed in-house
The M-Konstruktor plant offers manufacturing of steel moulds for flanged silos proprietary designed in accordance with applicable technical requirements.
High quality control
In-process monitoring at every stage of manufacturing allowing to guarantee steel mould proper quality.
Customized approach
We produce silos with capability of 33 to 1000 tons.

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