Equipment and components for silos

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M-Konstruktor offers a wide range of additional equipment and components for silos, such as disk shutters, cement filters, emergency valves, cement level sensors, flow-aid devices, and screw feeders for feeding cement into the mixer.

Disk shutters (butterfly valves)
A butterfly valve (a disk shutter) consists of two die-cast valve body halves made from aluminium, polymer-coated steel, or cast-iron disk and an elastomer gasket. The V2FS model has two identical flanges. It is possible to install a hand lever, a pneumatic actuator, or a gear reducer on a butterfly valve. They are all interchangeable. Thanks to their special design and the special materials used in their construction in various combinations, these valves represent the most advantageous and efficient solution.
Cement filters
A cylindrically shaped dust collector SILOTOP for venting pneumatically filled silos. Its stainless-steel casing contains vertically mounted POLYPLEAT elements. The pneumatic cleaning system is integrated into the lid of the dust collector. Filter diameter is 800 mm; filter surface is 24.5 m2. Approx. performance: 1,600 m3/h.
Emergency valves
VCP valves are the last resort when abnormal pressure conditions endanger the silo structure. They prevent the silo deformation. The valve is activated immediately as soon as positive or negative pressure is detected. Even though ideally a valve should never have to go into action, it must be installed anyway to provide efficiency and reliability of a silo’s safety system.
Cement level sensors
ILT-type cement level sensors are designed for signalling of minimum or maximum material level inside silos. If there is any material inside the silo, the sensor’s paddle does not rotate. As soon as the material level sinks below the paddle radius, rotation restarts activating other system components. The top or side-mounted indicators are commonly used for powdery and granular materials with a density of 0.5 t/m3 to 2.0 t/m3.
Screw feeders
ES screw feeders (by WAMGROUP) are manufactured from carbon steel with powder coating. The screw feeder consists of an external pipe with welded flanges on both sides, inlet and outlet spouts, screw with connecting sleeves, end supports, intermediate supports (their number depends on the screw length), and an electric motor.

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