If it seems to you that we’re shipping things too often, you’re not wrong!

It is a specific feature of M-Konstruktor: there’s no flow production for the products of the same type. Each shipment always includes some unique equipment. Despite all this variety we offer, there are still some steel moulds that are in constant high demand because they constitute the basis for reinforced concrete production.
Today, we’re going to tell you about our steel moulds for ventilation units and intermediate slabs.
Reinforced concrete ventilation units can be moulded inside vertical equipment or—traditionally—with the help of steel moulds. In every case, the result looks like a rectangular reinforced panel with ducts (1 to 4 ducts) inside. In other words, these are concrete units that are used for providing natural ventilation in kitchens and restrooms.
The finished product has the following dimensions: 3764*1564*341 (LхWхH). It consists of a bottom part and the sides of the closed type with locks, which ensure their fixed operating position, hinges, and a detachable shell.
It is also impossible to imagine a house or an industrial building without any hollow-core intermediate slabs. It is this type of a slab that often serves as a floor or a ceiling.
The dimensions of the mould shipped are way bigger than the above mentioned ones: 6768*1330*475 (LхWхH). It consists of a bottom pallet, sides, hinged intermediate pieces for mould piling (attached to the sides with hinges), locks for fixation of the sides’ operating position, and sides hinges. The mould is equipped with protective stops that prevent the reinforcement anchor from ‘shooting out’ in case of rebar breakage or at the moment of its shearing.
The demoulding process is similar to the one for ventilation units: it is performed with the help of special abutments and holes located in the sides of the mould.
According to our customer, the purchased steel moulds will allow them to obtain high-quality reinforced concrete products made strictly according to the GOST standards.
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