Ventilation unit steel moulds

Steel moulds

Steel moulds for precast concrete ventilation units

Ventilation units steel moulds of horizontal moulding by M-Konstruktor Plant provide excellent quality of finished products and high adaptability to the technological process at the customer's enterprise.

Re-adjustment of mould allows to produce products of various heights. At the request of the customer, the moulds can be equipped with heating system.

Mould types

Horizontal moulding
Vertical moulding

Horizontal moulding

  • The moulds are equipped with hinged sides for easy demoulding.
  • Metal formers functions as windows into the air duct.
  • Moulds can be readjustable or fixed depending on customer's needs.
  • They can be equipped with a heating jacket upon the request.


Developed in-house
The M-Konstruktor plant offers manufacturing of steel moulds for air-bricks proprietary designed in accordance with applicable technical requirements.
High Quality
In-process monitoring at every step of the steel mould manufacturing allowing to guarantee its proper quality and compliance with GOST requirements.
Easy demoulding
Air bricks moulds of the M-Konstruktor plant are manufactured according to customer specifications.

USP- machine (for blockouts removing)

The machine consists of to drives, connected via screw gears with drive trolleys, which are pivotally connected to blocks of the doorway formers resting on support rollers mounted at the ends of the portal frames which are the main load-bearing structures. Between portal frames two vibration stands are installed. When operation air bricks moulds are mounted on them.

Blockouts (doorway formers) are extracting by USP-2 machine from undemoulded product. After the blockouts removing the mould with a product in it is removing from vibration stands. The a new mould is putted on them, filling with a concrete mixture, and vibration treated. After 40 to 60 minutes blockouts removing and the cycle goes again.

Vertical equipment with heating registers and vibrators for the moulding of ventilation units

To accelerate the moulding of ventilation units, you can use our vertical equipment for simultaneous moulding of four products. Its removable casting beds and platforms provide for the readjustment of the mould to the required product height. This allows you to cast ventilation units of various sizes and save on the purchase of additional equipment.

Four vibrators mounted on the hinged sides of the mould are used for the consolidation of the concrete mixture. Heat registers arranged on the central stationary part and hinged sides of the equipment accelerate concrete consolidation process. The registers are coils made of a finned pipe and filled with hot water.

The punches are installed and removed vertically with a traverse. The punches are removed from the mould when the product reaches the stripping strength of about 30-40%.

To make the demoulding process easier, all sides of the mould can be opened. The end ones are equipped with a swivel-hinge mechanism and open laterally. The longitudinal sides slide driven by the system of longitudinal travel by means of synchronized rack and pinion. The rack and pinion shaft is driven by a hex head lever.

To facilitate the mould cleaning, coating and setting-up process, it is equipped with service platforms with ladders.
The disassembled equipment can be moved within transport clearances and does not require additional transportation costs.

Cost of production and delivery

If you want to get information concerning the production cost of the moulds and its production time, please to contact our specialists by phone: +7 (81153) 6-10-05 or e-mail:

Delivery is available throughout the territory of European Union and Eurasian Union countries and other countries. Shipment is available in different ways: by railroad, by heavy trucks, by sea.

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