Steel moulds for hollowcore concrete slab

Steel moulds

Where hollowcore slabs are used

Hollowcore concrete slab — are precast, pre-stressed concrete elements that are generally used for flooring in a construction of buildings of different function as overlappings. Concrete hollowcore slabs — one of the most widespread and demanded types of concrete goods. This results from the fact that such slabs differ in durability on a bend, good noise insulation and thermal insulation, maintain big loadings.

Manufacture of hollow core slabs

Constructive hollowcore concrete slab represent the parallelepiped with cavities in the form of pipes arranged longitudinally. Products are made by filling with concrete metal moulds for hollow core slabs, which also fit fittings. Shape design for hollow core slabs to provide a special hole, in which are placed punches (potatobased pipe). The voids facilitate the entire structure of the plate and save the concrete.

Previously with the help of special equipment shapes for hollowcore concrete slab are placed on a vibrating table. When the valve is tense and punches are inside the shape, the steel mould is filled with concrete and covered with earth pressure balance machines. The vibrating table is turned on and begins compaction of the concrete. When the concrete is compacted to the extent necessary, prigruz is removed, the punches are extracted from the form and the form is sent to curing chamber in order to speed up the process cured completely. After 8-10 hours the hollow-core slab is removed from the curing chamber and sent to the warehouse.

Design features

The design is featured with a pan, sides, folding spacers for moulds stacking, locks for fixing the moulding position of the sides.

The mould is equipped with safety limiters preventing the reinforcement anchor shooting out in case of breakage or when cutting.

Demoulding using special supports and openings located in the covers of the sides.

Steel moulds for hollow core slabs from “M-Konstruktor”

The quality of the finished boards depends on the quality of steel moulds, quality of rebar, concrete and all equipment that is used in the production process. The company “M-Konstruktor” manufactures steel forms for hollowcore slabs of high quality steel. Products include forming the tray made of metal with spikes, on which the tension reinforcement before pouring concrete, and drop side or a removable frame with holes for the punches.

In addition to the forms for slabs, in “M-Konstruktor” it is possible to order additional equipment:
• punches with installation for extraction,
• vibrating table.


Development from the scratch
Our Research and Development department provides a solution for any project.
Easy demoulding
Hinged sides of the mould are making demoulding easier.
Compliance to GOST
M-Kontruktor plant manufactures steel moulds for slabs using high quality steel and in accordance with GOST requirements.

Cost of production and delivery

If you want to get information concerning the production cost of the moulds and its production time, please to contact our specialists by phone: +7 (81153) 6-10-05 or e-mail:

Delivery is available throughout the territory of European Union and Eurasian Union countries and other countries. Shipment is available in different ways: by railroad, by heavy trucks, by sea.

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