Keeping on exporting: from Russia to Kazakhstan

Our moulds are going to travel 4,000 km to eventually get to the city of Shymkent.
There a local house-building factory will start manufacturing precast ventilation units with the help of horizontal moulds by M-Konstruktor.
Non-adjustable moulds for double-duct ventilation units are equipped with hinged longitudinal sides for easier demoulding. Dimensions of each mould: 3245*1057*341 mm.
Mirror-type moulds (a right-sided one and a left-sided one) for the moulding of the ventilation unit’s halves, which are assembled by welding embedded parts together. When a concrete ventilation unit is fully assembled, a rubber gasket is installed to ensure tight fit of the products.
There are also forming pieces that are located on the inside of the mould’s side walls, as well as on the steel frame above the mould, which are designed to outline the ‘windows’. Such ‘windows’, if necessary, can be punched and added to the ventilation unit ducts.
For manufacturers producing solid ventilation units, M-Konstruktor offers vertical moulds with heating registers and vibrators. For more information, please contact our sales team via e-mail or visit our website (see the ‘Ventilation unit steel moulds’ page).
2021 Ventilation unit steel moulds