New approach for traditional air-bricks

The reinforced concrete air-brick can be manufactured using different methods. The most common method is vertical moulding where steel moulds are most popular. We talk about them a lot and do it very often so its hard to say something new.
Our latest project of dual-duct precast air-bricks manufacturing inspired us to create a new type of video revealing the vitals and components of our equipment.
Yet our steel moulds are same. They consist of the pan, sides with locks fixing their working position, hinges and the removable former intended for punching and outlining of drafty windows. Hinged sides are providing easy demoulding.
Such fabrication method allows to make a part of air-brick. To make second part you need another sleel mould mirroring first one, so that both parts making a whole.
It is important to note that our products have been already delivered to our customer in Kazakhstan.
We hope this video would be useful for you.

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2022 Ventilation unit steel moulds