Vertical equipment with heating registers and vibrators for the moulding of ventilation units

This equipment is designed for simultaneous moulding of four ventilation units. It is equipped with removable casting beds and platforms, which provides for the readjustment of the mould to the required product height. This allows for casting ventilation units of various sizes and saving on the purchase of additional equipment.
Four vibrators mounted on the hinged sides of the mould are used for the consolidation of the concrete mixture. Heat treatment is carried out by means of coils with hot water arranged on the central stationary part and hinged sides of the equipment. To increase the heating efficiency, the coils are made of a finned pipe.
To make the demoulding process easier, all sides of the mould can be opened. The end ones are equipped with a swivel-hinge mechanism and open laterally. The longitudinal sides slide driven by the system of longitudinal travel by means of synchronized rack and pinion. The rack and pinion shaft is driven by a hex head lever.
The punches are installed and removed vertically with a traverse. The punches are removed from the mould when the product reaches the stripping strength of about 30-40%.
The mould is also equipped with maintenance platforms with ladders, which makes it easier to clean and prepare the equipment for moulding.
The equipment is designed in such a way that when disassembled, it can be moved within transport clearances and does not require additional transportation costs.
2020 Ventilation unit steel moulds