We send to Vladovostok the moulds for precast monolithic slabs manufacturing

Experienced people knows very well what means precast monolithic slab. But few of the newbies know that despite of its scalloped surface this monolithic slab is flat and this is the hardest thing in its manufacturing.
We are the experienced ones which was proven by our current project. Very fast and barely perceptible, separate parts were combined into something uniform and a neat rows of ready monolithic slabs were waiting for their travel to Vladivostok.
Due these products are prestressed, the headers were provided with the jacking stops. The longitudinal matrix-type sides have the demoulding incline and equipped with the loop-forming infillings.
Preparation for filling is starting from the sides opening, mounting of reinforcement frame and its tightening. Then the sides and the loop-formers are closing with locks and stoppers. The filling goes along with the vibration treatment and subsequent moving into the heat chamber. Upon achieving demoulding strength, the steel mould sides are opening using special stops at the outer box. Prestressed reinforcement then to be cut and the product is extracting.
Unlike most of the other moulds with a perfectly smooth surface, precast monolithic slabs have it only at sides. Diamond-shape scalloped surface of the slab provides better grip. So, the precast monolithic slab is not as smooth as it seems.  
Despite of a distance, even the purchase from Vladivostok is cost-effective when you purchase from professionals like the 'M-Konstruktor'. Contact us via or call +7 (81153) 6-10-05.
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