Horizontal moulds for ventilation units

Reinforced concrete ventilation units are used to provide natural exhaust ventilation of apartment complexes and other buildings. These are rectangular reinforced panels with channels (1 to 4 channels) located inside each of them.
There are two types of concrete ventilation units: solid ones and precast ones. Solid ventilation units are characterized by their strength and durability, however they are very expensive and difficult to manufacture.
Today’s post is about precast ventilation units, which are cast in horizontal moulds and then assembled from 2 panels by welding together embedded parts installed on the products. To ensure tight fit of the products, a rubber gasket may be inserted between the halves.
For our customers, we manufacture mirror (left and right) moulds for two- and three-channel ventilation units. Dimensions of finished concrete products (L*W*H) are 2780*880*155 mm and 2780*1250*155 mm (the halves of a ventilation unit).
Forming steel pieces are located on the inside of the mould’s side walls, as well as on the steel frame above the mould, which is designed to outline the ‘window’. Such ‘window’, if necessary, can be punched and added to the ventilation unit.
The hinged sides allow easy removal of the finished ventilation units without damaging them.
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