Delivery of moulds for ventilation units to Kazakhstan

A house-building factory in Shymkent (Kazakhstan) is about to launch the production of precast ventilation units. And the M-Konstruktor plant is just about to finish the production of vertical moulds that will be used for the production of these units.
These are non-adjustable mirror-type moulds (for moulding of the two halves of a ventilation unit with ducts inside) with the dimensions of 3697*1124*481 mm (L*W*H). Dimensions of finished products: 3350*750*245 mm. At a customer's request, we manufacture equipment for ventilation units with a small or a large number of ducts.
The moulds with hinged sides and steel forming pieces which are designed to outline the ‘window’. Such ‘windows’ are designed for punching the holes in the shaft and connecting it to the duct.
And the must-have trademarks of the equipment by M-Konstruktor: the orange robot and the Made in Russia quality label! We are proud of our products.
Order moulds:
2021 Ventilation unit steel moulds