Steel moulds for cable wells for our neighbours in Belarus

Cable wells are inspection chambers designed to provide access to communication network equipment buried underground for its installation, maintenance, repair or for laying new lines and utilities.
As cable wells are most often located under the road surface, there are strict requirements concerning their strength, durability, frost resistance and resistance to lateral mechanical impacts caused by shifting soils. To manufacture such a reliable product, you must use high-quality equipment and concrete.
Cable wells may be rectangular, round or prismatic. They consist of two parts: the top one and the bottom one. These parts are shaped identically, however the top one has an opening for a manhole (600 mm in diameter), which allows access to the well. These technical openings are formed with the help of core drivers.
For this order, a mould with a removable element was developed for the production of wells with a ‘tower’. This element is fixed to the mould with the help of a channel beam with locks. During the production of this concrete product, the main part of the well is cast first, and once the concrete has gained its demoulding strength, the ‘tower’ is cast atop. The removable element is equipped with two rectangular core drivers to form openings.
The mould itself consists of a pallet, an inner shell, and an outer shell. It has two sides, both of which are hinged.
Moulds for cable wells are transported by means of hoisting the equipment by slinging with the help of special load-gripping devices located on the pallet. Dimensions: LxWxH 3091х1685х1486 mm.
We can’t wait to receive your feedback and pictures of finished products.
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