Working with large or oversized load: load-gripping equipment by M-Konstruktor

Load-gripping devices are an essential part of any reinforced concrete production or plant. The list of these devices includes lifting beams and automatic clamps that significantly broaden the capability range of lifting cranes and ensure careful transportation of products within the loading range.
In addition to securely clamping the load, the lifting beam allows you to move it around when there is limited lifting height. The list of the basic functions of load-gripping equipment also includes the reduction of bending loads on the object and fastening elements during its lifting and carrying.
The plant’s product range includes a large number of load-gripping devices used for carrying of both finished concrete products and steel moulds.
A mechanical type lifting beam with an autoswitch was designed and manufactured for carrying smooth airfield slabs. Its load capacity is 10 tonnes.
A crane moves the lifting beam to the working area. Then the clamp automatically opens, grabs a steel mould, and transfers it to the required location. After the transportation, the lifting beam opens automatically, and the cycle repeats.
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