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Handling devices are necessary part of equipment for reinforced products fabrication. Such devices list includes cross-beams and automatic grabs which are drastically expanding cranes abilities and facilitates safety handling of heavy products.

Lifting and moving of a finished reinforced concrete products using the leveling or overhead cranes often is dangerous due to the slipping of a string or a grab from the hook nail. This is why reinforced concrete products manufacturers using cross-beams and automatic grabs.

Cross beam not only allows to fix the load but also to move it where the sling height is limited. The main functions of the grab are also includes the reduction of transversal loads to the product and fastening elements when handling.

Usually a crane moves the cross-beam to the lifting area, then its automatically opens, grabs a steel mould (or product), moves it to desirable place and opens. After this cross-beam is ready for the next operation. The most reliable and safe version is H-shaped. It allows to grab a load using 4 points.

The M-Konstruktor plant is manufacturing a cross-beams of different type, versions, load capacities and operating features.

Clamping cross-beams


Reliable fixation
The cross-beams are drastically expanding cranes abilities and facilitates safety handling of heavy products.
Developed in-house
The M-Konstruktor plant offers manufacturing of steel moulds for reinforced concrete products proprietary designed in accordance with applicable technical requirements.
Высокий контроль
Высокий контроль, осуществляемый на каждом участке производства металлоформы, позволяет гарантировать требуемое качество металлоизделия.

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