Tilting tables in operation

Tilting tables are versatile equipment that helps manufacture almost every kind of reinforced concrete products for house construction: external and internal wall panels, intermediate slabs, cross-beams, piles, stair landings, columns, etc.
This includes the ability to manufacture both small and large-area flat products, with different length, thickness, geometry and profiles, as well as multi-layer panels, in a reconfigurable mould.
In this picture you can see products moulded at our customer’s plant, where we delivered a batch of over 20 versatile tilting tables. Dimensions of the two types of tilting tables: 3.75х12 m and 3.75x9 m. Tilting angle is 78°, which allows you to perform vertical tilting of finished concrete products and reduce damage risks.
Particular attention is paid to the flatness of the tilting table’s surface, which should not exceed the value of 1.5 mm per 3,000 mm.
Our tilting tables are shipped with heating registers to accelerate the consolidation of the concrete mixture, height-adjustable magnet shuttering profiles, control panels, hydraulic cylinders, and hydraulic stations. Additionally (at a customer’s request), we can equip the mould with high frequency external vibrators and a thermal processes control cabinet.
Versatile vibrating tables can be used both in large production plants and in small factories. During the next month, we are going to film the concrete products moulding process and our tilting table in operation at one of these plants!
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