Long-term partnership with M-Konstruktor

Expertise, quality, well-organized working processes, warranty, and product support after shipment are the reasons our customers become loyal to us.
Earlier this year, we became partners with one of the biggest property developers in Russia. Ten tilting tables were shipped to the customer in May, which was followed by putting two battery moulds into operation. And here goes another order. This time it’s about tilting tables as well.
Tilting tables are probably among the most popular equipment for reinforced concrete plants today, as they are used to build entire production lines. Such popularity is reasonable. Our tilting tables have numerous advantages: easy demoulding due to tilting, centralized control of vibration mode, hydraulics, and steam curing.
We’ve been producing these tables for a long time, but for this particular project we had to change a lot of things.
To process concrete mixture more accurately, we developed software that controls the steam curing mode by conducting its qualitative analysis. The curing mode settings are not fixed, which allows you to change curing temperature and speed depending on tasks and concrete mixture grades being used.
The plant's design department also revised the heating system of the tilting table, thus increasing the efficiency of heat dissipation at lower power inputs, increasing the reliability of heating registers during vibration and linear expansion.
Our tilting tables have also changed structurally. We have added fixed brackets to mount service supports along the longitudinal sides of the tables. All four sides of the table are hinged and secured by means of a tapered guide. This makes it much easier to change the forming insert: just remove the screws that connect the side to the brackets and replace the insert. The design also features a Morse taper instead of the usual trapezoidal threaded bolts for easier fixing of the hinged sides.
The vibration system with the qualitative changes made to it and the overlapping of the vibration zones deserves special attention. It makes concrete mixture compaction more efficient.
The requirement for surface flatness deviation remains unchanged: 1 mm per 2 m.
At the moment, our technicians are performing the installation of the shipped equipment.
Please contact our managers for prices and equipment options. Contact us at or call 8 (81153) 6-10-05.
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