Oversized tables!

Earlier we told you about our tilting tables that are widely used to manufacture flat, non-prestressed concrete products.
Today’s shipment is different from the previous ones because of its dimensions and the customer’s brand color!
Tilting tables with the dimensions of 3.75×12 m and the tilt angle of 80 degrees are designed to mould long-length products and/or several regular products on a single table. However, 12 m is not the limit: if necessary, they can be assembled into one production line capable of making items of 36 meters in length.
The tables have sides with adjustable height (100–300 mm). The sides are a forming element that allows manufacturing reinforced concrete products of various thickness, they also serve as a support element for concrete products when they are lifted.
The tables are shipped with thermal registers for faster reaching of stripping strength by the product, hydraulic motor, control console, hydraulic power unit, and magnetic shuttering.
Tilting tables are always delivered by special-purpose vehicles escorted by pilot cars.
Fail-safe operation of our equipment and the perfect quality of the final products is the hallmark of M-Konstruktor!
Tilting tables 2020