Multifunctional tilting table: manufacturing and shipping process

Today we will show you the very heart of our plant and demonstrate you the tilting tables manufacturing process.
Multifunctional tilting tables are widely used for the production of non-prestressed reinforced concrete products, such as outer and inner wall slabs, elements of elevator shafts, etc. If needed, the tables can be assembled into a single production line for the production of longer products.
The package contents for tilting tables by M-Konstruktor may vary depending on a customer’s requirements.
The tables shown in this video are equipped with heating registers, hydraulic cylinders, remote controls, hydraulic stations, and adjustable sides, which are the main forming elements helping to keep the concrete in place when tilting the table.
Dimensions: 4*11 m. Manufacturing of moulds with different dimensions is also possible.
Tilting tables 2020