Bryansk have received our tilting equipment!

The tilting tables are intended for a wide range of nontensioned reinforced concrete products manufacturing, such as single-layer wall panels, crossbeams and etc. Such universal equipment have been delivered to Bryansk recently. The M-Konstruktor built a batch of eight fully equiped tilting ables with dimensions of 4X12. 
Every tilting table is equiped with moving sides of 400mm height to fabricate products of variable thickness. The side is attached to the table with screws allowing 100mm adjustment.
Under the table you can find the heat register of two finned pipes designed for hot water heating with temperatures from 60С ̊ to 120 С ̊. The heating medium is supplied and drained via pipe sleeves installed along the table. The heating register is covered with panels of foil fabric for better energy saving.
Hydraulics of each tilting table consists of three extension type one-sided cylinders allowing tilting up to 76 ̊. The limiting circuits and switches built into the electrical circuit are preventing the overturning. The lowering of tilting table is by gravity.
Our plant for the first time used pneumatic vibrators instead of electric ones. Each table is equipped with 8 OLI HFP 4000C vibrators.
Hydraulics control is possible from a separate operator's stand. User can control steam curing and vibration on his/her own. The scope of delivery includes two hydraulic stations, each to connect four tilting tables.  
Soon this equipment starts its work in one of the reinforced concrete plants, because right now the M-Konstruktor's specialists are finishing its installation and commissioning.
This project were started from the request via email, and then by calling +78115361005
2022 Tilting tables