Shipment of tilting tables

Here’s a short post—or, to be exact, a short photo story—describing the process of shipment of oversized equipment to our customers.
The batch consisting of four tilting tables is travelling on two special-purpose vehicles equipped with rotating lights and escorted by pilot cars.
Dimensions of the tilting tables are 4,000*11,000 mm, weight—11 tonnes.
Tilting tables are used for the production of flat, non-prestressed concrete products: cross-beams, panels, columns, etc, as well as for the production of large precast steel reinforced concrete products of various geometries and shapes in readjustable moulds.
One of the advantages of this equipment is its VERSATILITY:
  • Quick cleaning/readjustment (takes up approximately 1-2 hours)
  • A large variety of manufactured products
  • Possible to manufacture thin products and demould them vertically without any damage to these products
  • Possible to manufacture three-layer panels
  • Vibration is provided by surface vibrators or pervibrators
  • Lesser amount of crane operations for the transferring of the equipment to the steam chamber
  • The forming surface is heated with heating registers, located as close to the forming surface as possible
  • The longitudinal side, adjustable in height from 0 to 300 mm, installed at the bottom of the table, acts as a forming surface and as a supporting element when performing vertical lifting of the table up to 80 degrees. 
If you want the next batch of tilting tables to be shipped to your plant, please contact our managers:
Tilting tables 2020