Tilting tables in action at a precast concrete plant

We have visited the very heart of a precast concrete plant and have prepared a short video on the manufacturing process for wall three-layer reinforced concrete panels performed with the help of tilting tables by M-Konstruktor.
And if you want to go into more detail and the video is not enough for you, you can use this detailed summary.
The following dimensions of the tables are available: 9*3.75 m and 12*3.75 m. You can perform simultaneous production of several products (even the ones of different standard sizes).
The configuration of the future concrete product is built up with the help of magnetic shuttering profiles, which are securely fixed to the forming surface with permanent magnets. Such a system does not require welding or using powerful cranes.
Prior to pouring, all the moulding elements are lubricated with moulding release oil and then the rebar is put in place. It is important to note that this equipment is only suitable for the production of non-prestressed concrete products.
The pouring of the concrete mixture is followed by compaction using either pervibrators (shown in the video) or surface vibrators. To save time, the second type of vibrator is used. It is installed under the table and managed via the control panel.
Then the table’s surface is heated by supplying the heating medium (water, steam, thermal oil) to the heating register to accelerate the concrete consolidation process.
The next step is the laying of thermal insulation materials and the pouring of the exterior concrete layer.
Once the concrete has gained its full demoulding strength, the magnet shuttering profiles are removed and the concrete product is ready to be tilted and transported to the storage location. To do this, the hydraulic cylinders are actuated via the control panel and the table is tilted at an angle of 78°. This allows you to perform vertical tilting of finished concrete products and reduce damage risks.
Concrete residue is then removed from the table's surface and the equipment is once again ready for operation.
Tilting tables 2021