Modernization of tilting tables by M-Konstruktor

Our versatile tilting tables are getting more and more popular among Russian reinforced concrete products manufacturers.
This equipment allows you to significantly improve the process of manufacturing non-prestressed reinforced concrete products of various surface areas, geometry, and dimensions. At the same time, M-Konstruktor never ceases to improve and modernize the tilting tables themselves.
  • Tilting tables from our next batch are equipped with a modified heating system, which helps to increase thermal efficiency while spending less on energy. The reliability of the thermal registers against vibration and linear expansion has also been improved.
  • We have modernized a tilting table service system: fixed brackets have been introduced to mount service supports along the longitudinal sides of the tables.
  • All four sides of the table are hinged and secured by means of tapered guides. This makes it much easier to change the forming insert. No complicated manipulation is required: Just remove the screws that connect the side to the brackets and replace the insert.
  • Changes have also been made to the vibration zone: blind spots have been eliminated, resulting in more effective compaction of the concrete mixture.
  • The design also features a Morse taper instead of the usual trapezoidal threaded bolts for easier fixing of the hinged sides.
The delivery consists of 10 tables with dimensions of 4 x 7.5m.
It is carried out as a complete package and includes: piping, hydraulic control, vibration, heating (curing mode), and a complete automated process control solution. We will tell you about all this in detail in future publications.
We can solve any complex problems!
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