Steel moulds for three-layer wall panels with opening formers

We’ve already told your about joist beams and stair moulds, the time has come to talk about the moulds for three-layer wall panels.
The moulds designed to make wall panels (dimensions: 3590*2650*400 mm) are equipped with an opening former for the balcony section, moreover, we have produced an alternative opening former for windows. The hollow former is dismountable. It consists of two parts, each of them has its own technological slope: for the installation of interior and exterior window sills, 320° and 80° respectively.
Demoulding of finished panels first requires to turn down the hinged sides of the mould, pull out the bigger part of the opening former and then the concrete item itself, and only then the smaller part of the opening former.
Moulds can be additionally equipped with length and width cutters, various inserts, magnet shuttering profiles.
All moulds comply with high quality standards.
2020 Steel moulds for wall three-layer reinforced concrete panels