Steel moulds for reinforced concrete columns

Steel moulds

Concrete columns in building frames

Steel reinforced concrete columns of solid rectangular cross-section made of heavy-weight concrete are used for framing of multi-storey buildings and industrial facilities. They carry the weight of intermediate slabs as well as facade systems, which may be made of various materials, including three-layer concrete slabs.

These products can be manufactured both at a precast concrete plant and right on a construction site, which speeds up the construction process significantly.

Steel moulds for reinforced concrete columns

M-Konstruktor manufactures steel moulds for concrete columns of non-standard cross-sections for construction of complex structural elements of buildings and facilities.

The moulds can be equipped with the heating system to speed up the process of gaining concrete demoulding strength. Hinged sides of a mould make demoulding process easy and technologically efficient.

Perfectly smooth moulding surfaces ensure an ideal geometry of a concrete product. The mould can be disassembled, which allows you to save transport dimensions during transportation.

Steel moulds for reinforced concrete columns are also equipped with special filing pieces suitable for various rebar types. It makes it possible to produce various types of columns using only one mould.

We manufacture steel moulds for reinforced concrete columns with cross-sections of 400x400 mm and 400x600 mm.


Perfect geometry
Perfectly smooth moulding surfaces provides a perfect concrete product surface. The mould is a disassembling version allowing to reduce cargo dimension during transportation.
The moulds can be equipped with the heating system for concrete setting acceleration. Moving sides are optimizing the demoulding process and making it easier.
Customized approach
The M-Konstruktor plant manufactures steel moulds for column elements of non-standard cross-section for the fabrication of complex elements of buildings and structures.

Steel moulds for column elements are also equipped with a special inserts intended for various types of the reinforcement. This allows to fabricate several types of columns in one mould. The M-Konstruktor plant is manufacturing steel moulds for columns of 400*400 and 400*600mm cross-section.

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Delivery is available throughout the territory of Russian Federation as well as in the European Union and Eurasian Union countries. Railroad, heavy trucks, and sea transport delivery is available.

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