A 3D view of the steel moulds for New Jersey traffic barrier blocks

We continue our series of 3D animation videos showing products by M-Konstruktor. And today we're going to tell you all about the moulds for New Jersey traffic barriers in detail. These blocks owe their name to the state where they were developed. They have been successfully preventing cars being rolled over or making a transverse turn due to the collision with the barriers for more than 60 years already.
These barriers are becoming increasingly popular in Russia: they are used for the separation of traffic on contraflow motorways; as retaining walls on rough terrains; in areas with high road traffic accident rates; as barriers during road works, etc.
M-Konstruktor offers its customers a wide range of steel moulds for the production of New Jersey traffic barriers for any purposes.
Watch our video to find out what the moulds are made of, how they work, and how the concrete blocks are produced!
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Steel moulds for “New Jersey” traffic barriers 2021