Steel moulds for “New Jersey” traffic barriers

Steel moulds

“New Jersey” precast concrete block usage

“New Jersey” traffic barriers are reinforced concrete blocks, which are used in modular and prefabricated construction to prevent vehicles from slipping off the road and pontilice (bridge, over bridge, trestle, etc.), crossing the separating strip, crashing into another vehicle, hitting a massive obstruction or construction, and are set on the road side and in the right of way. Traffic barriers are produced in accordance with impact severity as their major feature. “New Jersey” precast concrete stone impact severity depends on its weight, height and surface form with a variable slope.

“New Jersey” precast concrete stone production

The barriers are produced by pouring concrete mixture into “New Jersey” type mould, which is prelubed with a composition in comliance with technological production processes of the customer's plant, then the reinforcement is laid. Special holes are provided in mould flaps, where elements are put in a certain order to connect final barriers between themsleves thus making a single construction and to prevent displacement or declination of blocks from each other. Core drivers are installed. Mould flaps are equipped with rubber gaskets preventing concrete slurry leakage.

Steel mould constrcution has special areas for installation of the tremblers that provide air outlet and better quality of mixture consolidation. Upon concrete shrinkage, the product is kept until it gets its stripping strength.

Before demoulding it is nesessary to remove beams, load carrying core drivers, veneer tie direction bushings, and external screw core drivers removed from the flaps. The final roduct is taken out from the mould mechanically.

“New Jersey” precast concrete stone moulds by “M-Konstruktor”

“M-Konstruktor” plant specializes in manufacturing of steel moulds for the production of reinforced concrete goods and has all the nesessary resources, production facilities, equipment, professional staff and raw-materials base to provide high quallity of the produced goods.
“New Jersey” precast concrete stone moulds by “M-Konstruktor” are manufactured in accordance with GOST (national standard) and form work drawing, taking customer's personal requirements into consideration and can be single or double-placed and be used for the production of any “New Jersey” type concrete traffic barrier:
  • One-sided parapet block,
  • Two-sided parapet block,
  • Two-sided transitional parapet block,
  • Two-sided end parapet block.


Developed in-house
The M-Konstruktor plant offers manufacturing of steel moulds for New Jersey road barriers proprietary designed in accordance with applicable technical requirements.
High quality
In-process monitoring at every step of the steel mould manufacturing allowing to guarantee its proper quality and compliance with GOST requirements.
Customized approach
M-Konstruktor's New Jersey road barriers moulds are manufactured according to customers specification and can be single or twin-design. They can be used for all types of New Jersey concrete road barriers fabrication.

Cost of production and terms of delivery

You can get the information on the costs and delivery time from our specialists by phone: +7 (81153) 6-10-05 or e-mail:

Delivery is available throughout the territory of Russian Federation as well as in the European Union and Eurasian Union countries. Railroad, heavy trucks, and sea transport delivery is available.

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