Stunning 6-metre-long steel mould is about to start its travel

Freshly painted double-cavity steel mould for New Jersey traffic barriers is going to Stavropol region. It is there where reinforced concrete parapets used as traffic barriers are actively moulded. Our customer already has the steel moulds for New Jersey barriers of various sizes and types: with different heights, one-sided, two-sided, crosswalk ones and road end ones, and now they are also getting 6-meter-long moulds for traffic barriers used during road works.
New Jersey traffic barriers are used for the separation of traffic on contraflow motorways; to prevent vehicles from leaving the carriageway; in areas with high road traffic accident rates.
The mould is equipped with service openings for the installation of filling pieces, where later reflective signs are placed, as well as openings for the installation of locks. These locks hold concrete blocks together.
Steel moulds for “New Jersey” traffic barriers 2020