Steel moulds for the “New Jersey” traffic barriers

It has been a while since we last told you about steel moulds for the production of the “New Jersey” traffic barriers which have proven to be effective in ensuring road traffic safety. As modular structures, these barriers are used for the separation of traffic on contraflow motorways; in areas with high road traffic accident rates; in mountainous areas; on road sections with sharp turns and road sections near bridges and overpasses. Smaller New Jersey barriers are now also used during the performance of road construction works. They are safer than temporary plastic barriers or outdated foundation blocks.
Popularity of the New Jersey barriers is explained by the barriers’ affordability, easy installation, reliability, and high impact severity, as well is by their modularity (a damaged section can be easily replaced with a new one). However, their most important advantage is that they prevent major damage in the case of a road traffic accident. The concrete product’s geometry minimizes the risk of a vehicle’s rollover, and the impact itself is reduced due to the sliding of a vehicle along the concrete surface of a barrier.
In this picture, you can see a new batch of Steel moulds for the New Jersey traffic barriers, which will be used at motorways under construction.
Each mould allows simultaneous production of 2 concrete products. There are special openings in the mould's sides allowing the installation of joints keeping the products together. There are also service openings for the installation of filling pieces, where reflective signs and beacon lights are placed later.
M-Konstruktor manufactures barrier moulds of various types and configurations. For more information please visit our website.
Steel moulds for “New Jersey” traffic barriers 2020