New Jersey Chain

Summer is a road construction season. It is not surprising that demand for New Jersey steel moulds road is growing during this season. We have already wrote about heated double-sided and american-type moulds. This time we talk about less pumped over but more stylish versions.
End (starting) barrier elements used as finishing or first elements when constructing a road barrier. Very often they form a chain with a length depending on the smooth transition to the main double-sided elements the moulds for which the plant manufactured earlier. Now we have added to them four one-slotted moulds.
Length and width of all finished products are same 3500 mm and 680 mm. And a height is decreasing from 1008 mm to 142 mm. Such quad-stepped design is due not only to safety reasons, but also gives the barrier more aesthetic appearance.
2022 Steel moulds for “New Jersey” traffic barriers