A little more about traffic barriers

A batch of New Jersey traffic barriers, which we haven’t mentioned for a long time, is ready to be shipped.
Double-cavity moulds are designed for moulding blocks with the following dimensions: 3000х610х850 mm. The moulds themselves have the following dimensions: LxWxH 3914х1960х1268 mm.
The process of making concrete products includes putting a rebar in the mould and using high-density concrete with high frost- and water resistance.
Longitudinal sides of the moulds are equipped with mounting seats for vibrators. There are also service openings for the installation of filling pieces and openings for the installation of locks.
The products moulded in M-Konstruktor’s moulds turn out to be perfectly smooth, durable, and versatile. These barriers are used for ensuring road traffic safety, as well as for the separation of traffic on contraflow motorways, navigation and separation of roadworks areas. Requests for the manufacturing of moulds are accepted by
Steel moulds for “New Jersey” traffic barriers 2021